Farmer’s Markets

Before the U.S. highway system was built, people bought and ate the food that was available from farmers in their town.  Today, people in the U.S. are rediscovering the benefits of buying produce grown locally. The popularity of farmer’s markets is growing at a rapid pace for two reasons: the food is fresher, and it’s better for the environment because fossil fuels aren’t being used to transport produce across the country.  Some people think food is more expensive at the farmers market, and it’s more convenient to shop at the grocery store. What do you think?

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My Digital Footprint

I am concerned about my digital footprint and I am doing everything I can to minimize it, but it is difficult.

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My Digital Footprint

You have to be careful with what you post online because it is very public and it might never go away.  This is an article about how social media can affect your job opportunities.

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#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle

Summary :

It is indeed surprising to know that some beaches found in the Hawaiian Islands are badly contaminated with trash like beer bottles, lighters, etc. These dumps float from their origins, get brought up by the strong current of the North Pacific ocean, made their way to the Hawaiian islands, and settles at the beach surface. The amount of litter is so much that it is able to enclose every inch of the beach’s surface. This excessive amount of debris has contributed to the emergence of a major issue in relation to sea birds’ survival. Generally, thousands of birds visit the beach each year to nest. Often, these birds have mistaken the trash for food. They did not realize that they were actually ingesting toxic man-made materials until it was too late. This situation has indeed made “death” as its toll. It is therefore important for humans to start taking actions to control and even reduce the consequences from this happening.

Comment :

This video stresses the point that we, humans, should take full responsibility for our own actions. A simple action, like dumping trash not on its proper places, is able to generate this kind of alerting issue if it is done continuously. Therefore, taking small actions to encounter this problem is indeed necessary. Although it seems to be very easy and simple, its results will add up together to become one impactful and meaningful solution to the problem.

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response after watching Trash on the Spin Cycle

Pollution is not surprised people anymore completely, but it shows that their responsibility to the environment is low standard. Obviously, we know environment is on an alarm situation, but people’s consciousness is not improved a bit. I don’t assume everyone, but there are a lot of people throw trash wherever they can even they have learned the consequences after then to their environment. Specially, trashes from nylon are really dangerous, plastic bags cause over 100,000 sea turtle and other marine animal deaths every year when animals mistaken them for food. Actually, that is just an obvious example in many disadvantages from them. Anyway, people should have serious responsibility with environment. I know, this problem cannot be discussed in a few days, but be aware, just a simple thing we do everyday like bring a bag to supermarket could help environment better too much.

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Respond to Trash on the Spin Cycle

Review: In the outermost island of the Hawaiian archipelago, a ocean team found many garbage on the beaches. It’s because the island is located in the middle of North Pacific Gyre, which is called “The Great Pecific Garbage Patch.” Because of the garbage, the birds living in the islands get the most serious damage. Often the parents birds give trash to their young babies mistakenly. Trash is from people around the world, so they should solve the problem by themselves.

Reaction: In my opinion, I think it is a humans’ problem and people should think about more specific and faster solution about it. In this article, they are saying that we should not throw pens, mascras, and ball pens into the sea. However, practically, this ways doesn’t solve the birds’ suffering right now. It is a good idea when we implement it for long time but how can people rescue those birds living in the islands now? Sending workers and volunteers to clean the beaches would be more good solution to rescue those birds.

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#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle

This one is extremely huge problem which can cause only by human being, moreover that innocent ocean animal happened to be on the edge of this problem. Its a gigantic disaster and we – people are the only one who made this happen and the only one who can resolve this  issue. It will take many many years to stop littering the nature. In this short video-clip we see  a good example how people neglect their ethic to the nature, we see all kinds of garbage: lighters, tooth brushes, bottles and even TV. For this particular case with Hawaii islands, it was very sad to observe how one of the most beatuful place on earth became a garbage can. The author of that video clip was trully

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