#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle

  • What problems are caused by trash in the ocean? Why is it our problem? Do you think that you are also responsible for the problem? What are some possible solutions?”
  • As an individual, do you think you can make a difference protecting our environment? How?

Optional: Citizen Journalist Activity-Beach pollution in your local area

  • Visit your local beach, look for garbage, take pictures, and prepare a slideshow of your visit. Ask people you meet about their view of the cleanliness of the beach.

Transcript – Trash on the Spin Cycle Transcript


25 Responses to #1 Trash on the Spin Cycle

  1. Moh says:

    the trash in the ocean will kill sea animals and birds. it is our problem because we do our throw all of those trash. i think every body is responsible because by doing this we are destroying the nature because sea animals and birds are part of the nature. as a human we should recycle individualy as much as we can. as an individual me, you , he, and she can not do anything. we should be together and we should have one aim and that should be protecting the world.

    • Jaclyn Su says:

      i think nobody want to see too much trach when they go to the beach, it’s disgusting! we need conscious to protec the environment. we can see the beautiful ocean only in that way.

  2. Hyunju says:

    When I saw this I was shocked. It’s made self-reflection. I was experienced to garbage being dumped on the sand. I think we should be responsibly the nature. Don’t thing about only me or just this time. We have to think about all the time. Trash destroys the ecosystem. If it is shipwrecked, it’ll bother us. like air, ocean etc. It’ll recyle.
    We have to make beautiful world ourselves.

  3. Huyen Vo says:

    Trash in the ocean will make fish die which is food of birds. Then the birds will die after that. It make loss of ecological balance. I think I also responsible for the problem because if I don’t throw away the garbage, I also can remind somebody don’t do it.
    I can explain everybody to protect the environment together and volunteer to some beach to collect the garbage.

  4. pikachu says:

    plastic and the toxic chemicals released from the breakdown of plastic polluting the environment. And more dangerous when animals eat the plastic-derived chemicals, they will die. Beside, The chemicals can potentially cause some new disease or cancer for us. So we should buy products with little or no packaging, and products made from recycled materials, bring re-useable bags to the grocery store, dispose of our waste properly, tell our friends about way environmental protection….

  5. Huyen ( Holly) says:

    i think if the trash in the ocean is too much, it is an important problem for water source. if the water source get polluted, it will destroy all ocean’s resources. so you think that we need to have be responsible for this problem. that is we should keep an environment always cleanly, because the ocean is a part of our life. so we have to have the solutions to prevent the polluted environment such as: don’t throw litter randomly, we must to put the litter at the regulation place. if our earth get a natural environment, we will have a good life and healthy.

  6. Latifah says:

    1-What problems are caused by trash in the ocean?
    kill the animals and ocean pollution.
    2-Why is it our problem? Do you think that you are also responsible for the problem?
    yes , i do .it is our problem and our responsible to throw all this stuff in the ocean.
    3-What are some possible solutions?”
    re-use this stuff. make team or small company to collection this rubbish and remove it .
    4-As an individual, do you think you can make a difference protecting our environment? How?
    yes. i do. until we chang our habits about the rubbish, remind the people by ads, distribution of publications and awareness.

  7. steve says:

    The trash is terrible problem not only for the sea’s animals, also for people. I suggested to do company or office near every beach and I think if they signs to tell everyone about the rules.

  8. Paul Liu says:

    People throw away a lot of trash and this trash are going to kill a lot of animals. Why is it our problem? Because we don’t fire the trash on time and throw it into the sea or ocean. Do you think that you are also responsible for the problem? What are some possible solutions?”
    of course, we are responsible for this problem. People should try their best to protect environment. Also we can become vlounteers to show why we need to protect them.

    • ngoc0472 says:

      Yeah, I have the same idea with you. However, to do this better, I think everyone has to deeply understand how these trash affect to human being and animals’ health.
      We need the support from individual and government to solve the problem. For example, we do the cleaning every week for some particular areas such as at the beach, parks, and playgrounds. Students from universities, colleges, and high schools should volunteer to participate this activity to protect the environment.

  9. dongsook says:

    At first, I was surprised. Why a lot of garbage is there such a beautiful and remote island.What a thoughtless people! But before long ,I was embarrassed because,one of them might be mine.One day,I have hit golf balls to the ocean just for fun without guilty. I thought the ocean is too wide to be concerned. Although, I didn’t throw something deliberately into the ocean,things can end up to the beach through rivers.
    We need to make people aware of protect environment through campaigns or education.

  10. thuyvan63 says:

    Sea animals and fishes look for food in the ocean and will eat the trash in the ocean which is harmful to their health. Trash in the ocean gets on the beach and birds that have nest close to the beach or on the beach feed their babies with trash. Also whatever trash they eat will get inside the eggs and will be inside the chicks. It will cause the death of birds and will lead to extinction of those birds and also other fishes and sea animals that feed off the trash.

    It is our problem because if all the fish, sea animals and birds extinct or in danger, we will be short on food and the balance of the environment will be off.

    We are responsible for the problem because we are the one who dump and throw away those trash into the ocean intentionally and unintentionally.

    There are possible solution for the problem. Volunteers can help clean the beach, everyone can recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, any possible recycle objects to eliminate as much trash as possible. That will help reduce the amount of trash in the ocean.

    As an individual, I will do my own part recycling any recyclable waste at home, school, and work. Encourage friends and neighbor and family to recycle.

  11. yukosj says:

    There are so many different kinds of trash we throw into our ocean. Why don`t people think about how this kills sea animals. Don`t they care? They care… but they don`t know how to fix the problem. I think we need to be strict about teaching enviromental education. Parents need to teach their kids, and our local community needs to teach people how to take care of their trash and schools need to teach students. Each person should care more about our environment.

    • lynguyen191 says:

      Yes,I agree with you,Yuko.I think all people have already knew the problem from but they just think about convenience at the moment.They should change their attitude before it becomes to late.It doesn’t mean just help sea animals.It also helps our environment and our lives.

  12. myhangduong says:

    A lot of problem can cause by the trash. For example: people thought out many trash around the beach, some trash made by lastic and some trash has chemical so it will absord to water on the occean, the trash stay a long time in air. It will be chemical reaction and become poison to the water. aminals live near by the occean would be kill by poison. So we should protect and keep learn enviroment by recycling the trash and pick trash up when you see it.

    • myhangduong says:

      After I have read many the posts from other students, I know that: ” Trash will effect to enviroment”. so we should to recycle trash and keep clean the area. However the factory should not release the chemical out side so the earth will be protected..

  13. uyenhuynh10 says:

    Trash in the ocean causes many harmful effects to our environment. It hurts the animals in the ocean and will kill them. The pollution is our problem because we are the one that caused it. Trash from the land eventually find its way into the ocean and gets caught in the “spin cycle” of the ocean . We can help prevent polution by reducing our trash. We can also help by recycling.

    As an individual, any effort I will make have a minimal effect on protecting our environment. But, as more individuals contribute to the cause and each do his or her part, we can help pass on a better planter to our kids.

  14. diana8379 says:

    Jean-Michel Cousteau is known for being concerned about the environment. I have already heard about him in France and I appreciate his work.
    This video is overwhelming. It’s upsetting me to see that such a beautiful place has become a dumping ground. It’s crazy to see all these beer bottles or lighters and I’m wondering how can TVs end up in the ocean???
    Trash, in particular plastic, has harmful effects on birds and marine animals in general. Many of them are often found dead on the beach. We must change our habits.
    Personally, I use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags and I have decided to stop buying bottled water for a long time. If everybody is involved, we can make our planet a better place.

  15. alicic says:

    I was surprised how much tras was on that one small island. It shows us how much trash goes through the ocean. I think we should learn to throw our trash into trash cans and other things, instead of in the street. The plastic is hurting animals, and that’s always bad when we start to ruin the earth like that.

  16. ngocnguyen90 says:

    I’m think the ocean have a lot of trash because the people don`t think that is a big problem for the ocean,people are worry animal eat the garbage and animal will be die,we must to clean the trash in the ocean,we must protect the animal and enviroment ocean.We must tell the people in the world to stop throw the garbage ,and clean the ocean .

  17. Noori says:

    I think it’s shameful humens created or invented things to ease their life but they completely forgot about other natures. Like birds, fishes, turtles, and etc. Now when we throw or make more garbage we don’t even think how it could hurt someone. So basically I think the whole world should at least try to go green. It’s not safe for anyone to create too much garbage anyway. Garbage and chemicals are some of the reasons of global warming and weather changes.

  18. Kim_0992 says:

    It breaks my heart when I saw this 😦 Cant even imagine that this beautiful island is facing to such a big woe like this. I think everyone lives on this planet is responsible for this problem,and together we should find a solution for this soon…not only for helping the animal but also protecting the ocean as well as our planet!

  19. hanpham0911 says:

    I was really suprised while watching this video . It was sad to see many trashs on the beauty beach , somehow maybe I and people – who were watched this still couldnt believe what we saw . I’ve no idea how could people could throw away those trashes with no thinking about their consequensces . Those trashes could also effect on the enviroment , especially for the people who lived near by . They should watch this video to see and feel what they did so they could learn from themself what to do with the enviroment and their own life .

  20. hadao49 says:

    Having watched on the clip video with the topic of Trash on the Spin Cycle, I recalled to visit some remote islands in my country a couple years ago. There were not abundant trash as the clip video, but also had plenty plastic bags, used tools, metal food containers and beverage cans or bottles as well as the dead body of birds or sometimes of pets and so on. All of the trash caused negative impact on the environment and human health, and it was the cause of disease producing way.
    It happened because the unconsciousness of people, or the people’s cultural standard where they scattered scraps of leftover food, beverages and waste materials unconsciously. There are not only the local administration are accountable for the solution to solve it out, but everybody should interact by setting out the propagating and educational campaign to remind the consciousness of the citizen. On the other hand, the administrator should consider to set up more the trash cans at public area, and then a sum of money fine for litter should be applied.
    Ha Dao

  21. phongt1991 says:

    In my opinion Trash in the ocean will kill animal in that area because they cannot find any food and ocean pollution.It is a very important problem if we don’t do anything to protect them .In future many animal will die because ocean pollution.I think we are responsible for the problem because the trash we use everyday.If we don’t want so much trash in ocean.,We need to recycle to help protect our oceans and stop littering on the beaches.

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