#2 Living in the United States: Is It Good for Our Health?

Arriving Healthy – click to play video

Latino Paradox – click to play video

Transcripts of video clips

Both video clips from UNNATURAL CAUSES…is inequality making us sick? (California Newsreel, 2007)

New immigrants arriving in the United States tend to be healthier than the average American, but as they remain in the country, their health declines.

Ask students to take notes while they view the segment, keeping the following questions in mind.

      • How does the health of immigrants change after they move to the United States?
      • What is meant by the term Latino paradox?
      • What factors enable new immigrants to maintain good health in the United States?
      • What factors in U.S.culture have a negative impact on health?

Optional: Citizen Journalist Activity- What healthy behaviors can be learned from new immigrants?

Interview friends or relatives to find examples of these healthy behaviors in your own immigrant community? Record the interviews using your phone or take notes to share with your class.


2 Responses to #2 Living in the United States: Is It Good for Our Health?

  1. Sohyun Amanda Kim says:


    Arriving Healthy – Latinos basically have good health and we need to figure out ‘why’ for the public health. However, they become less healthy after they immigrate to America.
    Latino Paradox – Latinos in America are the most healthy people.

    My response
    Arriving Healthy – I was surprised about the information and agreed to the point that immigrants get less healthy, because the stress is a important factor that makes people unhealthy.
    Latino Paradox – I wondered what it the reason and I would do something for my health if I knew what it is, because since I came to America I’m kind of sick… Interesting topic that evokes my sympathy!

  2. manhinwong says:

    It believed immigrants were not healthier and harder to provide thier children with clothing and food than the American due to having on average lower incomes and highly stressful lives. In fact, they are more healthier than the American. The researchers found that immigrants have been suffering the low rates of chronic and mental illness. It is because they know how to enjoy living in USA although they work in a stressful live. In my opinion, optimists from the immigrants make themselve to live easily in USA, so they may have healthy lives in USA.

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