#7 Your Life Online


1. Watch the video, “Cartoon About Internet Addiction” and take notes on your responses to these questions.

  • What is happening here?
  • Does the situation apply to you?

2. Take this quiz by clicking on the following link:

 The Digital You  (Look for Technology in Your Life QUIZ and click on link).

Take notes on your response to questions 3 and 4.

3.  Do you have a social networking account (eg Facebook)?

a. How much time do you spend online?

b. Do you prefer to be face–to- face or online when you:

  • Have a conversation?
  • Make friends?
  • End a relationship?

4. Do you feel as connected online as you do face to face?

Now, POST your thoughts to the following two questions on ESL Speak.

Question 1: Why do you think that social networking sites are so popular?

Question 2: What technology would you have difficulty living without?

Finally, COMMENT on at least one other classmate’s post.

 Have Fun!



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