#5 Choosing a Career

 Work Voices Series        

1    Previewing questions

    • Did you have a job in your own country
    • What did you do?
    • Do you have a job at the moment? What is it?
    • What job would you like to be doing?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

2     View one of the segments in the work voice series at www.kqed.org/workvoices

3     Vocabulary – note down new vocabulary to look up

4     Respond to these questions

    • What job is described in the interview?
    • What educational training is involved?
    • What are the duties?
    • What kind of person would be ideal for this job – what qualities should they have?
    • Would you choose this job?

5      Citizen journalist activity

  • Talk to your classmate about their work experiences, either in their home country or in the USA. Take a photograph of the classmate you talked to.
  • Post the photograph
  • Write a paragraph summarizing  their responses to your questions.

Additional Resources 


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