Respond to Trash on the Spin Cycle

Review: In the outermost island of the Hawaiian archipelago, a ocean team found many garbage on the beaches. It’s because the island is located in the middle of North Pacific Gyre, which is called “The Great Pecific Garbage Patch.” Because of the garbage, the birds living in the islands get the most serious damage. Often the parents birds give trash to their young babies mistakenly. Trash is from people around the world, so they should solve the problem by themselves.

Reaction: In my opinion, I think it is a humans’ problem and people should think about more specific and faster solution about it. In this article, they are saying that we should not throw pens, mascras, and ball pens into the sea. However, practically, this ways doesn’t solve the birds’ suffering right now. It is a good idea when we implement it for long time but how can people rescue those birds living in the islands now? Sending workers and volunteers to clean the beaches would be more good solution to rescue those birds.

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