Summary and response for Trash on the spin cycle


In around the Hawaiian islands is the swirling vortex of trash coming from both the east and west landmasses, each contributing their own piles of trash as big as Texas itself. the biological impacts of this is that birds of the region which breed near or on the island will have to search for food during nesting season. They will accidentally feed their offspring with such trash as lighters, plastic objects or any commodities which we humans take for granted.


This implies that it is not only birds, but marine life will also be exposed to such trash. the birds will most likely not travel far distances to escape from such trash laden environments simply because is is in the middle of the Atlantic and it is a far distance.

Are the Governments even concerned? What are their policies against dumping?


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One Response to Summary and response for Trash on the spin cycle

  1. oline18 says:

    I agree with your point that if this situation still continues in the future, it might end up killing all the animals leaving in or near that region, especially the birds and the land creatures. This is because it is simply impossible for these animals to travel far distances in order to escape from the highly-contaminated environment, considering the fact that it is located in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

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