Summary and response for “Arriving healthy”

Similarly as discussed in the video Latino paradox, many immigrants are living healthy lives but after their good healthy habits “expire” and they fall subject to the lifestyles of old Americans in the U.S., they too become victimized to the extent where they become as unhealthy as the Local Americans there.

My response to why the minorities “see their health advantages undermined”, is that the way mass media ties in with snack and fast food corporations is really not good for our addictions to sugar, despite how much we will resist. Under hungry conditions, we will pick up anything on the shelf, and the funding and advertisement s make those foods snacks with mono sodium glutamate and oils. But other than that, the environment here is very good, and the weather is much better than China’s. There is even less smog than Hong Kong.


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I'm Ian, a major in physics and just recently switched to architecture. My aim in life is to do anything to make myself a better person.
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