Summary and Response for “#2 Living in the United States: Is It Good for Our Health?” -Runchenglee


1st Clip:
The clip claims that many immigrants may be poor but they are healthy.
We should spread the “benefit” to the larger society.
However, the clip exposes a phenomenon that, instead of encouraging the society to learn from them, the “new immigrants” behave more and more like the “old Americans”.

2nd Clip:
The clip first shows its research data that “immigrant Latinos have the best health than anybody in the ‘county’.”
They attempted to investigate the reason of how the minorities have such good health.
From a research, they found out low-incomes Latino immigrants generally have better mental states than the Whites with high incomes, and even have lower disease rate too.
Which makes them felt paradox.


I was fascinated by the reports from both clips in the beginning when I watched them.
It sounds like a puzzle to me of what makes them healthier than normal people.
I began to think if poor or being immigrants the only factors to maintain their healthy lives, or are there any other factors.
I then did some research myself too and some information I found may contradicts what the clips said.

Both clips claim that immigrants generally healthier than normal Americans, yet many health researches post a different point of view.
Just the case of American Latinos, a research “Latino outlook: good health, uncertain prognosis” by Annual Review of Public Health shows that U.S. Latinos have higher rates of death from diabetes, liver disease, and infectious diseases than non-Latinos.
In addition, if we pay more attention to what the 2nd clip says, the data only refers to “a county.”
We cannot symbolized the majority of Latino immigrants through out the country as representatives of health by just the data from a county.
In contrary, many local Americans have healthy bodies too.
Football players, for instant , can hardly describe as unhealthy even though we don’t what their diets are.
Thus, a healthy life cannot be judge by race neither whether one is healthy or not but by how one’s lifestyle is.


About runchenglee

Hi! I'm a Freshman in Foothill College. This message will be kind of hard to reference as I didn't put down the year.
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