Living Healthy in the United States

New Americans are getting more like old Americans, getting unhealthy. New immigrants are poor and retired, but healthier than average Americans. Immigrants arrive in US with good body condition but as time goes by, get use to American lifestyle and become unhealthy and give opposite effect in health.

I can’t agree more with this arriving healthy video clip. In America, the food portion is a lot more compare to Asian countries. When I first arrive here, I had to “to go box” the food because I could never finish one meal, but as time goes by, my stomach kinda got stretched and start ordering more food.

This Latino paradox, despite they have lower income and live under stressful condition, the data showed that Latinos have the best body condition compare to any racial groups. Even though Whites have higher income and get less stress have higher chance of death.

I disagree with the data this two researchers’ paradox because I just learned in my biology class that poor people have higher chance of death because they don’t check regularly, not consuming healthy food and many other reasons.

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