Latino Paradox

The video is about the health data gotten from the researchers who survey the Latino immigrants’ health in California. The result of this data relates to “Latino paradox,” which shows that Latino immigrants, who have lower education, lower income, and highly stressful lives, have the best health in the society, even better than wealthiest class. Researchers still do not know why the lowest-income population has lower death rate, lower rate of all the major killers such as cardiovascular disease and cancer than the high-income population.

I am really surprised at this information. Before I watched this video, I had thought that low-income population like Latino immigrants might have more health problems than high-income population. These immigrants have low education, so they may not know how to prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease. They also do not have much money and time to get good diet. Fast food is cheaper than healthy food. So why do the result show the opposite? “It is quite a paradox.”

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