Latino Paradox

The video Latino Paradox, talks about a study among latino community a how they have the best health than the rest of the population. Latinos have lower rates on terminal diseases such as cardiovascular, psychiatric, and any major killer disease. The Latinos are the one of the poorest communities, but  are healthier than the wealthiest communities.

My reaction to this video is that in my own experience, is that most of us, the Latinos, were raised eating healthy because the high price of meat or fast food, dragged us to buy vegetables, sometimes grown locally, or even grow our own. I grew up in Mexico, in a small village, we harvest our own beans, corn and other veggies for own use. we raised cattle and drunk untreated milk, and organic beef and chicken. When we arrive in this country, our low income and low education reflects in getting low paying jobs, were sometimes we can not afford eating a lot of meats or eating out, so, we go to the traditional, eat rice, beans, and other common vegetable entrees.

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