“Arriving Healthy”

Summary:  According to the video “Arriving Healthy”; when foreigners arrive in America, they have a health alimental habit. But because of their poor economic situation, they allow for a fast and cheap way to get food.  Own Opinion:  This video reminds me of myself.  When I was in my country I used to eat salad and vegetables every day.  The diet was health and cheap because in Brazil the veggies, salads and fruits are pretty cheap. But coming to America I got use to eat a lot of fast food which are very cheap. In just two years I got almost 15pounts.

Summary:  In the video “Latino Paradox” they show that Latinos are healthier than Americans.  They are also emotionally healthier.  Own Opinion: Thinking about the video, why are Latinos healthier? Simple… look at a traditional American food: Hamburger and French fries super healthy!!!!! And Mexican food: for example a burrito (meat, rice, beans, lettuce)…  How about Emotional healthy? Well, the answer is also very simple, just check with an American how many times during the day this person hug another person and later make the same question for a Latino. Latino are more “warm”. And I am sure it makes the difference.

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