#2 Living in the United States: Is It Good for Our Health?

Arriving Healthy

Summary: The video is about the live style of US affected the health of those immigrants. The narrator stated that immigrants’ health are declining since they came to US. They used to be much healthier than the locals though.

Response: I agree with the point of the video. The live style in US does made a negative effect to the health of people. The new generations are not healthy since the artificial substances are created and promoted. Those substances are harmful and mostly contain a low amount of nutrients. Yet, they are convenient and has a good look. People who are not healthy were not having the natural resources from the nature. Its the trend of the diet in US that you cannot get rid of it unless you are not living in US. That’s a bad habit which makes you unhealthy. You can see how the lifestyle affect people by reading the research of the health of immigrants.

Latino Paradox

Summary: The video indicated the research of the health of the immigrants. And found the Latino Paradox which means even the immigrants have lower income, lower education and highly stressful live, they have lower rates of chronic and mental illness than the average native-born American.

Response: Its a surprising result since the immigrants are poor and low education, they could not afford the healthy food which is more expensive than the normal one, like organic food. And that result might tell us the effect of different lifestyle of their culture. Relatively, living in US seems unhealthy than other country that immigrants came from.

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