My Little Happiness!!^o^

Hello everybody, I would like to share something which made me feel very happy. Last month, my teacher gave us some helpful information about “ESL Speak” blog that ESL students could learn and share their opinion among each other. Moreover, we watched a video about Trash on the Spin Cycle, and posted a comment on the blogs; especially, we had an amazing discuss about it in the class. I was inspired by those discussions  to do something to help our environment. Fortunately, couple weeks ago I had a chance to take part in the Great American Litter Pick Up held at the Seven Trees Community Center after receiving recommendations from my teacher and my friends as well. It was such a memorable experience. Although the weather was cold, all of us felt warm inside because we knew that we were doing something helpful for the community. We were supposed to pick up litter around the Seven Trees Community area. We were instructed briefly about how to separate into trash and recycle. Besides, we were told to notify the leader in case we encountered any big items. Additionally, we were treated very nicely, and had a very happy lunch with a lot of yummy hamburgers. Also, I could practice speaking English as talking to several native  English speakers in the group. My contribution is not big; however, every mile begins with a single step. I believe that if everyone gets together in order to do something helpful for the public, the benefits will be very impressive. Hopefully, there will be more events like this so that I can contribute more towards the benefit of the community. Absolutely, I will recommend my friends to take many events like this.
Here is a link which has a few our pics:

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