My experience of a volunteering day

Dear all,

My name is Chau and I am an ESL student at MissionCollege. Today, I’m very glad to share with you my experience of volunteering at a local trash pickup event. First of all, I would like to mention motivations that led me to Seven Tree Community Center to collect garbage. It was due to the video “Trash on the Spin Cycle”, my teacher’s inspiration and also my friends’ enthusiasm to volunteer. Second, the kinds of garbage we gathered the most were cigarrete filters and broken glass material. At the beginning, we thought that the area was so clean that nothing needed to be picked up. Nevertheless, we found a lot of trash in brushes or some places that people could hide their garbage. We felt surprised about that. Last but not least, I think the orgainization I attended was not professional enough. Maybe, I had expected with all my good things about this movement. In fact, it was not magnificent like I thought, so I was disapointed a little bit. However, I recommend you take part in some organizations like this one because it will help our environment somehow. You may not see the huge difference, but little by little we can change our surroundings for the better.  Beside that, you can simply think that these activities are just like exercise in the gym, but you do not have to pay any fee. It’s FREE and BENEFICIAL not only for you but also for everyone and everything. It is a WIN-WIN. Why don’t go? To me, it really helps us develop the virtue of diligence and to value cleanliness. All in all, we had great fun working together and certainly deepened our friendship.

P/S: I just want to say that you should research  information about organization you are going to volunteer adequately since you may be dissatisfied if they are fake or unprofessional. And please don’t think you are an individual and nothing can be transformative throughout your small actions (It was my thought before attending this activity). Actually, it can. SO DO IT! TRY YOUR BEST!

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