” Great American Litter Pick Up”

On March 17, it was so cold. My friends and I went to Seven Tree Community Center to volunteer for the ” Great American Litter Pick Up”. We were there at 8:30A.M. and saw a lot of high school students. We listened to a man who talked about how the program worked. He gave us his phone number because we could contact him if we saw a large item such as furniture or big barrels. After his speech, we were given pickup sticks and  2 plastic bags, the one was for recycle  and anther one was for trash. Also, the man gave us a map which showed roads where we should go. Eventually, our group got out the center and started our challenge. We looked in the bushes and thought that they were clear, but when we kneeled down to look for garbage, there were a lot of them. We joked that people like to hide trash which they had thrown away. Most of litter are cups of coffee, cigarette butts, and broken glass. When we finished collecting, we came back to the center at 11:30A.M. with heavy trash bags. Plus, all of the people who joined the program had lunch in the center. All in all, as international students we learned a little bit about how Americans organized their program. We tried to speak English and got new experiences. In the future, we’re looking for new and professional programs.

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