Trash on the spin cycle

In the video, Jean-Michel Cousteau sailed into the remote island and found a lot of garbage on the beach where thousands of birds came to nest. Most of garbage coming from open ocean has accumulated in the North Pacific Gyre. That’s why the remote islands have so many man-made garbage. It caused a lot of troubles for wildlife, such as birds. They found the man-made garbage inside the dead bird bodies. I think the marine debris come from a variety of sources, but at least people can make sure that garbage is disposed properly. We can prevent trash from getting into waterways and simply not left garbage on a beach. Also, we can try to reduce the amount of trash, such as, recycling bottles and cans and bring reusable bags to shop. As we know, we are a part of ecosystem and have responsibility to protect our environment.

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One Response to Trash on the spin cycle

  1. oline18 says:

    I completely agree with your idea about how each person should take own responsibility to help in solving this issue. Although this problem seems to be so overwhelming and non-resolvable, I am pretty sure that all the small actions we are taking counts towards resolving the problem.

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