We spent little time, but we contributed to reduce trash.

To continue to reduce trash in our earth, we need to take our responsibility seriously for doing something helpful. Couple weeks ago, my friends and I joined in Seven Trees Community Center, where we could help neighborhood’s house to clear up some garbage such as bottles of water, plastic bags, and so on. We spent 3 hours on Saturday morning to take part in this event, and we walked around to pick up trash. First, we thought that it was not much trash for us to pick up, and my friend was joking that we can take trash from neighborhood’s garbage container and put into our bags so that we would be able to go back organization. However, we kept going and looking carefully, and we found a lot of trash which was hidden. Finally, we collected lots of trash and recycle, and we had some experiences during 3 hours. In addition, we realized even though we spent just 3 hours to pick up trash, we could help some streets to be more beautiful. Not only my friends and I can do it, but every one can do the same things as us. To protect our environment by doing something useful for our nature that is my goal.

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