Trash on the Spin Cycle

After watching this Vedio I become surprised because I never saw trash on the oceans like this. We went to few beaches those were cleaned.we can find only Sead weistage there. But in this video they showed the trash on beach that is not good for our Enviornment. We need to take care of our natural creatures. Because lot of chemicals produce from trash and those can create the water pollution. And due that we can see the impact on animals and human society. So in the end I can say that we need to take care of our natural creatures and try to keep it clean.


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One Response to Trash on the Spin Cycle

  1. supercaodelei says:

    You are right! I think we need to hire more volunteers to take care of our oceans and tell all the tourists to put their trash in the trashcan. Government should let everybody knows our environment is how important to our next generation.

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