Trash on the Spin Cycle

After watching the video, I was so shocked! I had heard about a larger garbage island in the Pacific bigger than Texas, but I’m not sure whether that is the island in the video. Now there is animal waste pollution and too many plastic products in the environment on Earth. When we enjoy the materialistic things, the Earth is being hurt! However, we already have many different people, who know to bring their own bags, carpool to go to work, will buy or have been driving gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, and also know the importance of recycling and reusing…! If more people know about these messages, then there will be more people to save our Earth. And now, I have also joined the Tzu Chi Foundation, which teaches people to go shopping with their own bags, go outside with their own water bottles, and eat local food.  This is my opinion.

By Sarah
From ESL 5 at Milpitas Adult School

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