Trash on the Spin Cycle

Trash on the Spin Cycle

After watching the video, I am so surprised that so much trash ends up in the ocean because all of that can’t decompose, so environment gets polluted seriously, especially water resources, habitats of birds and fishes.

Trash in the ocean is a big problem for us. If there is a lot of trash everywhere, the environment will be destroyed and people won’t have fresh food or water to use and birds or fishes will be ruined. This will not only affect the environment but also the economy such as traveling… I think all of us like to live in fresh air and clean environment, so protecting environment is a responsibility for everyone. There are many ways to solve the problem caused by trash in the spin cycle. It is easy to get if we attend to small actions such as finding the proper garbage bin to put recyclables into and don’t throw it away.

As an individual, I think I can make a difference protecting our environment. I will attend voluntary beach or park cleanup on weekends. Using a reusable bag when you are going to the market is also a way. I will classify different trash to put into the right garbage bin every day, and more…

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