Trash on the Spin Cycle

My response to the video

Trash on the Spin Cycle


After I watched video about Trash in the Spin Cycle, it really surprised me that so much trash ends up in the ocean, because the ocean used to be a beautiful place for different kinds of people, birds, fishes, and plants where they enjoyed their lives; however, right now it is being ruined especially in Hawaii where it used to be the most beautiful beach I have never been to.


According to the video and in my opinion, the problems are caused by people and it comes from all over the world. In fact, they flow from ocean to ocean, and humans litter them in the wrong place without responsibilities and understanding the bad result for environment.


It is really our problem because in the future we will be affected. The water will be contaminated, fished, and others marine lives will be polluted. After that, human will eat them. Everyone is also responsible for this problem by providing the following possible solutions such as:


–          Put trash in separate place such as decomposed or recyclables.

–          Stop or reduce using plastic bags.

–          Discourage the use of plastics.

–          Educate and alert the public about the problem.

–          More foundation for voluntary beach cleanup.

–          Put more garbage cans at the beach.

–          Put signs to fine someone who litters at the beach.

As an individual, I think I can use paper bags and paper cups instead of plastic ones and tell my family to use them as well to protect our environment.

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