Trash on the Spin Cycle

                                   Trash on the Spin Cycle                            Yuming Chao

I think the trash that flows into the ocean is a big problem. It endangers humans, because it will contaminate our environment.


People discard trash into lakes, rivers, and drains. Then it flows into the ocean, causing large quantities of fish and seabirds dead. It destroys the ecology. We are responsible for our environment, so people who violate the law must pay the high price fine or must be forced to work to clean up the mess.


We can teach our children to recycle trash and not to throw the garbage into rivers or on the ground. They should be told to pick up trash and put in trash cans or recycle bins. For example: plastic bottles, paper, and oil etc. For trash that cannot decompose, we can recycle and reuse it. Don’t let it flow into ocean to contaminate the environment. We also may take a free day each mouth to volunteer to pick up trash at beaches, or clean up trash floating on rivers or lakes.  By doing so, we can protect cleaning the ocean from where it started.

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