Trash on Spin Cycle

I have seen the video, Trash in the Spin Cycle, on the Internet in our class. It made me surprised about how much trash ends up in the ocean. I don’t believe my eyes that some people just throw out trash everywhere, even in the ocean. I think if there is too much trash on Earth, we can get sick and the animals will die. It will destroy our Earth eventually.


We have responsibilities for our Earth, so we have to protect the Earth, which brings us happiness, good heath, nice life …..If we neglect our environment, it will take problem for us.


We have many ways. We can bring our own bags when go shopping at the market; we can use paper stuff instead of plastic ones; we can volunteer to clean up the environment; the government should provide more funding for people to collect trash and charge people who don’t obey the rules; we need to have a sign that says “DON’T  THROW  TRASH ” on the each  beach, in public places such as parks.

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One Response to Trash on Spin Cycle

  1. vero says:

    I saw This video before and I felt sad and it was very painful for me. When we throw plastic, bottle or garbage into the sea we kill part of our ecosystem and the life in the sea, we must be responsible and be aware for the environment and take care of it.

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