Trash on the Spin Cycle

I am very surprised when I saw there was a lot of trash ending up in the ocean. It is the first time I knew the truth about that. It is unbelievable how people can put so much trash on the beach.

In my opinion, most of people in the world maybe aren’t aware of the harmful and dangerous trash thrown on the beach, and they probably don’t know these things can contaminate all the water sources like lakes, rivers, and sea which we used each day. Besides, it also causes the air pollution. One of the most urgent things is that all the ocean creatures can be killed by the water contamination.

I think it s our problem, because we are living together on the planet, so we have to be responsible for protecting our environment and prevent people from littering on the beach.  I know it takes a long time to stop the trash thrown on the beach. However, if people all over the world try to solve this problems together, it will happen.

There are many solutions which we can reduce this problem. For example, we should educate our children to put trash into the right recycle bin, and also explain them how the harmful trash thrown is. And in all schools, colleges, and universities should open some course to spread how harmful unrecycled trash thrown on the beach is, or encourage all people to use their own paper bags when they go shopping …

In short, nowadays, helping each people to get more aware of this problem is very necessary .

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