Trash on the Spin Cycle

Trash on the Spin Cycle

  • I am not surprised that so mach trash ends up in the ocean. It was expected, because many people litter. I will be surprised more if it wasn’t true.
  • The problem lies in people who don’t understand this serious problem. They must do it, and they must save environment for the future.
  • Possible solutions are:

1-st.  Educate children, teenagers and adult people to keep environment clean.

Explain that trash must be dropped into trash containers.

2-nd. Try explaining to people that if they eat in fast food restaurants, they will pollute our planet, because they use too many plastic dishes. Advise them to cook at home, and use reusable dinnerware, such as porcelain dishes, steel forks, spoons, knives and etc.

3-rd.  Offer to factories to use biodegradable materials.

4-rd. Offer for people to use reusable things for every day, for example: instead of plastic cups use thermo bottles for hot coffee or tea, or reusable bottles for water.

The Future is in people’s hands!

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