Trash on the Spin Cycle

I was very sad when I saw beer bottles, lighters, floats for fishing nets, and plastics that can’t decompose at the beach. These make the beach dirty.

I think we should get more education on how to keep environment clean and work on communities to collect trash and try to remember to take bags when we go to the beach to keep trash in. If we see debris, pick them up and keep them in trash cans.

It is also important to teach everyone in family to pick up trash if they see them on the beach and everywhere.

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One Response to Trash on the Spin Cycle

  1. yukosj says:

    There are so many different kinds of trash we throw into our ocean. Why don`t people think about how this kills sea animals. Don`t they care? They care… but they don`t know how to fix the problem. I think we need to be strict about teaching enviromental education. Parents need to teach their kids, and our local community needs to teach people how to take care of their trash and schools need to teach students. Each person should care more about our environment.

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