Trash on the Spin Cycle

It surprises me. There is so much trash in the ocean. I feel angry and upset.
It will contaminate the water in the ocean. If seabirds or fish eat the trash or drink the water or when adult birds feed garbage to the hatchlings, it will be harmful to their health and maybe kill them. In addition, if people who live near the sea drink water from the ocean, It might cause poisoning.
It must be our problem. When humans go to a beach or fish in the sea, they sometimes leave much garbage like water bottles, plastic bags, or kids’ toys. If somebody smokes on the beach, they will maybe leave some cigarettes or lighters there. Some lighters still have harmful fluid inside.
I think I am also responsible for the problem. When we go to a beach and see someone throw garbage, I think we should remind them and tell them “Don’t throw any garbage on the beach it will contaminate the ocean” and if we see any trash, we should pick it up and throw them into trash bin.
As an individual, I think I should plant more trees in our backyard with my family and accept education about how to garbage classification to protect our environment. We can go to work or school with two or more people in one car. We just have one earth, and we should protect it.

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