#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle

#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle.

I feel surprised because it is our responsibility not to throw dangerous things for the sea life or environment. I think it is a big problem for the ocean. Because most people don’t have any idea how important it is to take care of the environment.

The problems are for all sea life, birds, fishes, all creatures in the ocean the has been contaminated by human beings. It is our problem because it is us who throw trash into ocean, on the street or not recycle these things. We need to take care of the environment. I think the possible solutions for this problem is to raise conscientiousness about our environment so the public may come up with many advices about this problem by television, newspaper, magazines, etc.

I think the better solution is to start at home, recycling all things and separate solids, organics, oil, etc

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