Trash on the Spin Cycle

1 Educate kids about environment protection.

2 Protect water resources.

3 Use green products.

4 Develop green products.


1 Government provides grants to companies to develop green products.

2 Government provides tax credit to individuals to encourage buying green products.

In Korea , people don’t use plastic shopping bags. If they use plastic bags, they must pay extra for these bags.  People do not throw trash everywhere for the clean water resources. The water in Korea is very clean. Its air is also very clean. People buy small cars to reduce the air pollution. On the other hand, the Korean government cut the toll and parking fees by half for economic cars. They set a good example for us to learn from.

Call to action: caring about our environment is the responsibility for each of us. let’s start from ourselves, start now. For the sake of our future generations, act now!


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