Trash on the spin cycle

Sea animals and fishes look for food in the ocean and will eat the trash in the ocean which is harmful to their health. Trash in the ocean gets on the beach and birds that have nest close to the beach or on the beach feed their babies with trash. Also whatever trash they eat will get inside the eggs and will be inside the chicks. It will cause the death of birds and will lead to extinction of those birds and also other fishes and sea animals that feed off the trash.

It is our problem because if all the fish, sea animals and birds extinct or in danger, we will be short on food and the balance of the environment will be off.

We are responsible for the problem because we are the one who dump and throw away those trash into the ocean intentionally and unintentionally.

There are possible solution for the problem. Volunteers can help clean the beach, everyone can recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, any possible recycle objects to eliminate as much trash as possible. That will help reduce the amount of trash in the ocean.

As an individual, I will do my own part recycling any recyclable waste at home, school, and work. Encourage friends and neighbor and family to recycle.

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One Response to Trash on the spin cycle

  1. uyenhuynh10 says:

    I agree with you Thuy. The trash in the ocean is harmful to the sea animals and environment. What some people are not aware of is that we are eventually harming ourselves in the process as well. The sea animal eats the pollution and we end up eating the sea animals.

    If only we can do something to make more and more people aware of the harmful effects that we have on nature before its too late for future generations.

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