The more we do, the more we get

Now, everybody has to face with large number of trash which is everywhere such as oceans, rivers, houses, farms, and factories. That’s a huge and serious problem that we have to present, but most people haven’t realized it or cared about it. How negative effect is it when a lot of trash in the beaches? First, trash has made oceans polluted, and that destroys lives of 20,000 species of fish and up to 1.98 million species of animals and plants badly. And, let’s thinking about eating fish in the polluted oceans, so we see how dangerous. Second, a million poor seabirds try to eat trash for food. That trash can be plastic toys or bags. Moreover, plastic need 300 years to degrade. Finally, you can image your favorite beaches which have tons of litter. If you ask me how I feel, I will be disappointed and shame. Therefore, we have responsibilities to protect our planet.

What we can do now to make a difference? We draw posters that show our protection for environment. Also, we will hang them on schools’ walls or public places. Plus, we probably do some small steps such as: turn your water off when you brush, pick garbage up when you see any of it, and join an organization that protect environment. DO IT NOW BEFORE TOO LATE!!!

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