Trash on the spin cycle



  1. We are the problem that causes trash in the ocean. It is our problem because these trash are made by people and we are careless about where we throw our trash. We always throw trash where is convenience  to us .

–      Yes,  I do think that I am responsible for this problem. A possible solution to do this I think is that we all need to be more aware of how and where we throw our trash. We can also recycle or use biodegradable materials.

2. As an individual, I think that I can set an example and if everyone can do the same, then I think we can make a difference. By individually put in to clean a little bit, together we can clean a lot.

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One Response to Trash on the spin cycle

  1. nhan1951 says:

    Every day in our life, we have a lot of trash. We have to turn the trash to become compost for improving the quality of soil, don’t throw cans, used plastic containers, or paper in the trash. Instead, recycle them. If we don’t do like that we haven’t enough place to store the trash. Trash go through to ocean, trash travel around in the ocean one mile radius. Trash can kill fish and animals, of course because they think that is food, and they’ll eat trash. Trash make worse environment. Scientists have warned about it. That is our problem, everyone in the world need to do something to prevent this problem, it’s our responsibility. Government have to educate their people to understand, how our life is effected by the trash. As a individual, I can make a different protecting our environment:” Shut off lights, appliances when I’m not using them. Use trasportation, small car, hybrid vehicle, don’t cut trees.

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