Trash on the Spin Cycle

Many people throw away of trash to anywhere.They’re not thinking about their trash is cause for many death’s animals.It may be a little convenient for them a few minutes but it will kill a lot of animals and bring many problem for our health too.It’s not only responsibility for people or the government in this country.It’s  responsibility for people on the world because  the trash come from all of country lead to the Pacific Ocean.Most of them are plastic that can’t biodegradable and some stuffs still have chemicals inside which really dangerous for sea animals .Also it affect to human health when we eat food or drink water that pollute chemicals from the trash.So we really need to solve that problem.As, an individual,I’ll try my best to make a difference our enviroment.I’m sure I’ll put my trash in the right place but the most important is I’ll try to make less trash as much as I can.

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One Response to Trash on the Spin Cycle

  1. zuzikovitch says:

    Just to support your thought about Pacific Ocean, here is the famous “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” which is also known as “Pacific Trash Vortex”:
    And if somebody could consider it as rare occasion here are two additional examples of the disaster in others oceans:
    Indian Ocean Garbage Patch:
    North Atlantic Garbage Patch:

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