#2 Living in the United States: Is it good for health?

Arriving healthy and Latino Paradox are two videos that mention about the opposite between new immigrants to the United States and Americans about health. For Arriving Healthy: new immigrants to the Unites States are often poor, tired; but they are not certainly sick. Their health are better than American. However, to maintain their good healthy, the states have to support them several benefits.
For the second video clip: It emphasizes the important of family relationship that can affect to health. Although Latino immigrants are poor, they have best health. On the contrast, the whites are wealthy but they suffer with illness for some reasons.
These videos remind me that we must talk care good our health in any cases. Health is very important to everyone. My mother once said,” money can buy anything, but it does not work with health.”


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I am studying ESL at Mission College.
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3 Responses to #2 Living in the United States: Is it good for health?

  1. I really like your meaningful post !
    But why didn’t you show some benefits which the states have to support new immigrants to maintain their good heath ?

  2. dongsook says:

    Everybody concerns about their health. Although my life is easy here, I often had a stomachache at first time because of stress. I think all immigrants are very brave.They took a risk for better life. They are parts of American and they contribute this sociaty somehow.So the government need to support for their health.

  3. 1699858mp says:

    You are right.Every one have to take care of their helalth.

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