Living in the United States

Having many examples of new comers to the United States I can clearly see how their health is changed. And the way how it has changed is negative.

First of all let’s define “health” from an average person’s point of view. For almost everybody health is the reflection of his or her habits, which are eating preferences, physical exercises and living style. If we don’t take into account the Latino paradox, which is exceptional good physical and mental health among Hispanic immigrants with low income, for the rest of new immigrants their habits completely changes after crossing the border.

New lifestyle is dictated by circumstances like tight budget, lack of job opportunities and vague future. And here is a one interesting moment – it is really hard to get a first job in this country and it means no medical insurance until you get one. For people without medical insurance it is hard to track personal health, which is already under stress, to get vital information and foresee many deceases. Plus eating preferences are also impacted by the new eating style like fast food, enormous portions and unhealthy food components.

Basically for new immigrants it is very important to live through the first years very carefully and consciously because they are unprotected and at the same time under fire by many temptations.

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2 Responses to Living in the United States

  1. ngoc0472 says:

    Arriving healthy and Latino Paradox are two videos that mention about the opposite between new immigrants to the United States and Americans about health. For Arriving Healthy: new immigrants to the Unites States are often poor, tired; but they are not certainly sick. Their health are better than American. However, to maintain their good healthy, the states have to support them several benefits.
    For the second video clip: It emphasizes the important of family relationship that can affect to health. Although Latino immigrants are poor, they have best health. On the contrast, the whites are wealthy but they suffer with illness for some reasons.
    These videos remind me that we must talk care good our health in any cases. Health is very important to everyone. My mother once said,” money can buy anything, but it does not work with health.”

  2. trucmaivo says:

    I also agreed with zuzikovitch, health is a very serious problem for people who moved to the United States. Because the people cannot speak English well, it is very hard for them to find a good job and even have insurance for them and their family. Therefore, they have to work with jobs that have low pay and make just about enough to survive. This is affecting their health because they have to eat fast food alot like McDonald because it is very cheap, and very unhealthy.

    Like Ngoc0472 say, the Latino people are very healthy even though they are poor immigrants. I think it is because they are not used to eating American food yet so they are not eating unhealthy food. Once they do, they will soon be unhealthy. Alot of Americans are very unhealthy because they dont eat alot of food that has good nutrition in it.

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