1# Thash sping cycle

Garbage is is a worldwide issue, not a matter of one person or one government, I think we should educate children from an early age, and show that the garbage does not disappear by magic and that there are several types of waste. After educating new generations governments take this issue more seriously and I think that would include this issue in their campaigns, which are summarized or subtract votes.

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One Response to 1# Thash sping cycle

  1. Hyunju says:

    I agree. We alrady know that we shouldn’t throw trash everywhere,but almost people still do it.
    I think if me make a new law , people will stop doing it. New law means pay money.
    In Korea there is this law and than people changed. I know it’s a little strong but I think we need that.After that people don’t throw trash everwhere.

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