Searching online, I found \SANITATION DISTRICT OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY\, they got about 8,500 tons of garbage a day, 6 days a week, and this is only 1/3 of the trash in LA Country.
Americans THROW OUT 71.6 million tons of paper every year.
Americans THROW OUT 43,000 tons of food EVERY DAY.
How long takes for diapers to decompose?
It varies based on company, materials and what it is composted with. Most recent estimates say 200-500 years.

For those interested in not filling up our landfills, gDiapers makes a hybrid diaper with a disposable liner:
You can flush or compost the liner for very speedy results, or you can even toss it — these decompose in just 2-6 months!

For an even better choice, FuzziBunz makes a completely re-useable diaper. No landfill waste at all:

It is VERY IMPORTANT to reduce our garbage. We HAVE TO RECYCLE as much as we can.

Eliane Bork

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