This is OUR problem

In my opinion, we have to recognize the problem of water pollution as our problem. Not only our trash polluted beautiful islands and accounted for many birds’ deaths, but also it can pollute our health.

Do you know Minamata disease? The disease which is a neurological syndrome make people tremble. It was caused by water pollution in Japan in 1932 – 1968.

The chemical factory spilled toxics and it polluted ocean and fish. Next, people ate the polluted fish and they struggle with the disease.

Government announced more than 1,750patients had died.

Now, we keep polluting ocean. Many fish and birds have eating polluted plastic. We can also eat polluted fish again.

We need feel this emergency about water pollution.

This perception can make people clean water and think about how solve this problem.

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One Response to This is OUR problem

  1. tinyideah2vn says:

    I’m so sorry to see this movie! Totally terrible for them 😦
    I didn’t know about Minamata Disease before. However, your shared video made me dig a little deeper about how really serious water pollution is! Thank you for sharing!
    You have a good point that we need to appreciate water pollution as our emergency problem. In fact, if we can share some video like this in the public places, or even Facebook, one of the most popular social networks, I think it will work out to make people change their mind like it did to me! Besides changing thoughts, we should have some particular actions such as: keeping the garbage to put in the trash can even it is very small, use enough soap and toxic liquid to clean up something like cars, bicycles, pets, or floors.

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