Stop!! Too much garbage!!

I studied about ” Trash on the Spin Cycle” in my Listening and Speaking class because that’s a serious problem for birds and water.

According to ” The Ocean Conservancy Presents the 21st Annual International Coastal Cleanup,” it mentioned more than 8.2 millions pounds of debris was found  at the beaches around the world in 2006. Plastic garbage is the most numerous among the debris. Besides, their ingredients are hard to recycle. That affects birds, fish and water. For instance, the birds that are in the beaches often mistake the debris for their meals. After they mistake debris, they cannot digest plastics  and eat anymore because of full tank of their stomach.

Some of debris includes a toxic substance such as oil. According to ” Trash on the Spin Cycle” by QEDondemand, it announced many lighters were found in the debris which were from the other countries. There is oil in the lighters, so it causes water pollution. The water pollution causes illness to fish, animals and people even though that are causes by humans.

I can say that we make ” Trash on the Spin Cycle” which humans do not stop dumping the garbage by ourself. However, only a few people in the world cope with  that problem. Therefore, I think about the solution if I try to clear up this problem. At the first, I need to announce  this problem to other people on my blog or twitter as much as I can. Then, I try to plan that people who watched my blog and I go to the beach to clean up the garbage. After that, we take the pictures to tell the people how much garbage is dumped by humans. What’s more, people who tried to clean up the beach and I reannounce that again, we retry to plan cleaning up again. We repeat these steps to clear up ” Trash on the Spin Cycle.” I believe that cleaning up the beach can raise people’s consciousness of garbage.

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