Solving the Root of the Problems

                 Our Mother Nature is giving us warnings about the consequences of our treatments to the environment. In fact, Tsunami, deadly infectious diseases, and global warming are among those disasters which have recently taken away thousands of innocent lives. Likewise, the fact of “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch” requires the attention and urgent solutions of the public as a whole in order to solve the roof the problems. These kinds of trash are the main cause of endangering thousands of birds’ lives due to mistaking the trash for food. This could lead to the unbalanced status of the nature. In the long term, such changes will have negative influences directly to our life due to ecological problems. For instance, if many kinds of birds disappeared, this would be the reason of the disappearance of the other related animals leading to unexpected changes to our environment. In addition, sea foods, which are taken from the ocean being polluted by trash, will be consumed by humans. Recently, we read many articles of poisonous sea foods that may cause deadly diseases. Thus, it’s time for us to consider seriously about the ways to limit the bad influences of such careless human being’s actions as well as preserve and improve our dear environment in which future generations will inherit from what we are doing at present. Careless human’s actions are the main reason needed to be taken care at the very first stage of solving the case.
              In my opinion, we should start with the education of the importance of our green planet for not only children or students at school, but also for everyone. These campaigns should be practical by giving the real examples as well as the chances to explore the nature around us. In this case, everyone should be given the opportunity to understand about the circle of waste disposal and how such an improper action of releasing waste to the ocean can affect the environment as a whole. Also, volunteer for helping cleaning garbage along the beaches is a good way to limit the bad influence of waste to help keep the balance of our nature. Beyond those enhancing programs, government should take more responsibility of supporting institutions and schools to fulfill their missions of conveying the message of environment protection. For examples, providing more funds and staffs for carrying out environment friendly events is one way to encourage the public’s interest. Meanwhile, the law should be stricter for those who intentionally destroy the environment. Eventually, environment protection is not a mission for only some individuals or certain organizations; it requires the contribution of the whole society with the harmony and supports within each family from all over the world. As soon as everyone understands thoroughly about the urgent need of protecting our environment, people will act more responsibly. Hopefully, small changes from each individual in perception and action may contribute to the long-term protection and improvement our unique environment in all over the universal.
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