So Much Garbage, How Can I Do?

In the video,  a lot of birds died for mistaking trash for food. the beautiful beaches became garbage patch. The trash was made by people from all over the world. I think I am responsible for the problem because we all live in the same earth. Our group discussed several possible solutions to solve the trash problem in our class. We think :

1. Don’t discard garbage on a whim, strengthen the quality education, do more work in propaganda and perfect legislation.

2. Reuse our bath water for washing clothes, cleaning our floor, and so on.

3. Join an organization which tries to protect our environment.

4. Install a switch or water meter in our bathroom in order to save water.

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5 Responses to So Much Garbage, How Can I Do?

  1. yum9 says:

    Hello there,
    I see that you have some useful solutions there. You are right that joining an organization can help us be a part to protect the environment. However, I don’t get what you mean by resuse our bath water. How can we do it when all the water eventually go down to the drain?

    • keziah10 says:

      I was very interesting with your good solutions to protect the enviroment. I strongly believe that we must to be responsible to protect the enviroment. It not only for this genneration but for the next generration also, how can people image that our grand grand children will not have clean water to use. I would like to share to you a video clip
      Thank you

  2. Moh says:

    Hello guys
    it is realy hard, how much should we recycle? I know that most of those garbage that killed animal were plastics, so i think the government should make the supermarket to use paper pocket instead of plastic pocket and factories should put their products on cans, so we can use that cans again. another way I know that its going to be a little bit expensive is this; the govenment should bury those garbages that is not useful. after two or three centuries they will change to petrolum.

    • huyen (holly) says:

      one of those ways in this journal, i think the way at number 2 and 3 are useful, i can apply them in my life easily. because i think it bring to us more results helpfully to protect the enviroment in our earth beautifully and cleanly.

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