Protect sea animals

I was sad when I know that the sea environment day by day destroying by human; I can understand that the trash in the ocean is from people. I know that it killed and is killing a lot of animals. I want to give my respect to protect the environment by not throwing trash in the river or land and I will try to recycle materials as much as I can at home and schools. I strongly think that the schools should organize campaigns that protect the resources of ocean environment. As volunteers, students can collect the trash in the beach like Mr. Jean Michel did and feed the good food to the birds.

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5 Responses to Protect sea animals

  1. teresatran1910 says:

    I completely agree with your idea. All trash pollutions especially in the ocean happened from unconscious of people. We need to do something to protect our green space and our fresh ocean . Because almost seafood is taken from ocean source. If the fish is poisoned, we will be food poisoning. It affects our healthy. For example : the petroleum industry always eliminate toxic substances to the sea and fish, crab, shrimp… live in this toxic area. How can we resolve it? We need insert a program education at school and organize extracurricular activity outside for instance at the beach to get the trash.

    Teresa TRAN

  2. jorgedelacru says:

    Jorge wrote.
    I would like to do something but I am in the same spot,just watching and listening about enviroment
    is so sad, that we can’t take care our planet, if we don’t do it no one will do it for us, so for now on I hope every one of us can put the garbage on it place, other wise we will kill all the sea animals I don’t know if you have seen how amazing they are, those are the most beatiful creatures in all over the world, so let’s take care our sea animals.

    • Jaclyn Su says:

      I agree with your opinion. if we still kill the endangered animals, it will damage the ecological balance. ocean polution is also a big problem which we need carefully!

  3. Latifah says:

    In fact i add my voice with the writer. it is correct we shouldn’t throw the rubbish in the ocean that will kill the animals. we should re-use the rubbish to another prodect.

  4. Paul Liu says:

    In my opinion, people should try their best to protect environment. We can become vlounteers to show why we need to protect them. I argree the author. I also think people need make more advertisements to show the importance.

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