plastic garbage is gone

I know water pollutions is a big issues in all over the world; however, I would like to mention small part in water pollutions that is too mush trash; especially, it is plastic garbage on the beach. This kind of litter is influence on our environment. For instead,  this video “ Trash on the Soin Cycle” by Jean Michel, he reports that all this manmade material makes dealy trouble for birds. In order to protect the environment, We should aviod to use plastic bags. Also, every sunday the end of month, i would like to have one or two hours to clean up day some lakes near my house, or i can be volunteering in some organization that can help me to have time to clean up trash in some beaches.

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10 Responses to plastic garbage is gone

  1. steve says:

    I think your ideas are helpful and I agree with you, but who do you think will do this ?


    • nhunguyen18 says:

      hello my friend,
      i think everyone can help to protect our environment, and it also depend on taking seriously our responsibility. you can do it, and i can do it. let’s do something meaningful for our life.

  2. eliane1970 says:

    I am sure a lot of people likes your idea, but believe or not is hard to find the time. I can help for sure in other ways, as taking my own bags when i’ll go grocery shoppng. If eachone realizes and help doing just a little, like getting a bigger recycling container in the kitchen (that’s what I done after read about garbage), would be a good start. Thank you

    • nhunguyen18 says:

      wow, sounds so good
      you also have great idea. i know it is hard to do, but you and me try our best to do something that we can protect our earth.

  3. willkeiichi says:

    Hi nhunguyen18,
    I did not know how debris affects birds and water before I watched “Trash on the Spin Cycle.” Even though I had already known that so much gerbage is dumped by people, I did not think about the solution for dumping debris. I agree with you, your solution will work for birds. After that, we need to think about another solution for dumping garbage because we have to continue cleaning up if we do not think about it. I know that is a complicated problem, so we can think about it more with our friends, family, etc.

    • nhunguyen18 says:

      hi my friend,
      thanks your attention to my post. i wish we could reduce trash so that our environment would be wonderful, and in next generation, your children and my children could enjoy fully great environment. we will keep it up

  4. Huyen Vo says:

    Now, plastic bag is a problem in the world. Scientist estimate that plastic need 100 years to decompose. It’s so terrible. I think your idea is very good. Moreover, we have to avoid to use plastic bag. Instead of we should you paper bag.

    • nhunguyen18 says:

      it seems we have the same idea that we refuse to use plastic bags. i hope that you and me can do something to help our environment.

  5. pikachu says:

    I agree with you. We need to look for alternative materials plastic and should use paper bags, milk and juice in cardboard, and cloth diapers, …. I know in Walmart offer a reuse plastic bags program to environmental protection. I think we can take part it. Beside, we can take part to cleanup garbage on the beach. I think having a lot of people want to environmental protection.

    • nhunguyen18 says:

      thanks your response. I strongly agree that we can join some organizations where we can help our neighborhood cleaning up garbage. moreover, i did take part in Seven Trees Community center couple weeks ago, and my friends and I picked up a lot of trash such as glass, plastic bags, and so on.

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