My tiny ideas

From my perspective, I believe that everyone can make a different protecting our environment if we determine to do it.  As me, I can save the plastic bags to reuse and turn off the unnecessary equipment such as lights, TV, radio or my laptop. Besides that, I neither waste the water nor enlighten too many candles on the special occasion.

In fact, each person do a little good thing will make a huge different for our environment. Because all of us live in the Earth, we need to protect it to survive. If we think it is just a problem of someone and everyone thinks the same, the problem will become more and more serious. Why do not we adapt to use paper bags instead of plastic bags?

  1. If just 25% of U.S families used 10 fewer plastic      bags a month, we would save over 2.5 BILLION bags a year.
  2. Plastic waste in coastal areas kills up marine      mammals, 1 million sea birds and countless fish annual increasing numbers of      Endangered Species.

I have some tiny ideas about possible solutions:

Each person put trash into the garbage cart.

Some environmental organization deliver a lot of posters that mention the problems of trash in the ocean, the bad impacts to our lives, particularly water, in the public places such as hospitals, schools or libraries. The posters should have some terrible numbers of died birds, epidemic to warn people. In the meanwhile, some volunteering teams go to these islands to solve directly by collecting the garbage.

COASTAL CLEANUP DAY is the interesting program that I recommend. You can know more information here:

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4 Responses to My tiny ideas

  1. qoomiko says:

    Thank you for giving me the detail data of your opinion.
    I hared that San Jose shopping centers decide that customers need to pay 10 cents for a plastic bag.
    So we can save plastic bags easier in this city.
    We should bring bags when we go shopping.
    And don’t buy any plastic bags.

    What else can we do something for reduce plastic bags?
    I think that this new system isn’t enough to reduce plastic bags.

    • tinyideah2vn says:

      Yup, even though bringing bags whenever shopping is not convenient, we should do that for protecting our environment. Hopefully, if we keep do it for adequate time, we will get used to it.
      And I agree with you that this new system is not enough, I think if the factories that produce the plastic bags are closed, it will be the best way.

  2. Nhu Nguyen says:

    I love your ” tiny idea ” that it makes me think about our environment. Moreover, your ideas is easily to do it. I really try to turn off my laptop after using it. Also, I don’t use TV often. I just watch some games show that I like, but it is not much than before.

    • tinyideah2vn says:

      I’m glad to hear that you are doing some the same activities with me. If the others also do green actions, we can hope for a better life!

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