make a difference

Unfortuntely, trash has caused so many problems to us. However, Jean-Michel Cousteau has pointed out from the video “#1 Trash on the Spin Cycle” that birds are dying because of mistaking plastics for food.  Obviously, this is our problem. We had so much trash from all over the world that maked Hawaiin Islands become Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Everyone should be concerned about this.  Although cleaning up all the trash would be difficult and we need to take lots of time on it, I am sure every single one of us can do little bit to help our environment.  For example, we can share this problem with other people, the more people know is the more we get closer to make a change. We also can limit ourselves from buying plastic products; you take your own mug or reused bottle when you are out at Starbucks. This is time, we need to “go green”. One little action can make a chain reaction.

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