The Value of Garbage

Here’s a really interesting post that  I found from Jackie’s Ramblings…

She wrote:

Today is garbage day, and I was wondering what happens to all the trash after it is picked up from the garbage truck? My biggest concern about it is how badly it pollutes our earth and if it will ever discompose after it is thrown away. So I looked it up on a couple of websites and well, yes some garbage goes to a waste to energy facility and well, if that is not always the case, garbage just goes to a landfill. Which I heard that they cover with soil everyday to keep the land and environment safe. Then I was wondering about baby diapers lol, because you always hear that they take forever to disingrate! I wish there was a better use of waste. We do recycle so that helps. We do reuse some things that can be reused like old canisters and such. But still there is just so much! I used to think we should turn garbage into like a fuel for our cars because we never run out of it and since we will be getting short on oil in the up and coming years.

Another side of the coin is dumpster diving! I LOVE IT! I haven’t done it in a long time but you can find amazing stuff in other peoples garbage. LOL! I know the crazy coupon ladies like to dumpster dive in the recycle bins for coupons. But I have been doing it way back when I was a little kid with my mother, and you really can find some great stuff!

Anyway, lets just try to minimize our trash to keep our world a better place.

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4 Responses to The Value of Garbage

  1. Wilfin Morales says:

    I always do recycle in my house, I told my wife in my kids that, we have to do recycle to keep the planet safe. we separate the plastic from the garbage and the cardboard and all the paper and we put it and the blue container. What I know that the garbage after certain time it goes to soil. the soil that we put in the garden is all the garbage that we throw it in the garbage. a lot people throw it good things in the garbage that other people can use in the house. One of the more important things is that everybody have to do recycle in the house.

  2. cutuquita says:

    Looks disgusting, but the best thing we can do is recycle bags,newspapers,bottles, and other things that can be recycled to help our planet, and have a better future for our children.

  3. Nadereh Sanatgar says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog. I hope every body do the right way for their garbage.

  4. eliane1970 says:

    After reading this, I decided to make a big change in my house.
    I went shopping for a larger size of container, to place under my kitchen sink for recycling .
    From that day, we started to recycle much more and believe or not, we got much less garbage.

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